Pamper Your Guests
with Refreshing

Your clientele will remember your thoughtful appreciation and return soon!

Offering a warm or cool damp cloth mildly scented with our refreshing fragrances to your customers will be remembered as that extra step taken by you for their comfort and pleasure. Whether you are a golf resort, tennis facility, athletic club or spa, HOY'S TOWEL SCENT will show your clients just how much you value their business. Other businesses that can benefit from our amazing towel scents include doctors offices, dental offices, massage therapists, barber shops, salons, balloon rides, etc. The possibilities are endless!

HOY'S TOWEL SCENT offers three invigorating and refreshing fragrances - Red Mango, Citrus Cooler and Eucalyptus Mint.

A complete description of all our fragrances is available on the "Fragrance" page of the website. EXCITING NEWS…. A new fragrance will be introduced this spring! Stay tuned!

You may have heard of HOY'S TOWEL SCENT, but really didn't know how to use it. Please read below. Anyone can create wonderfully scented, refreshing towels and the simple procedure can be done easily at any time.

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Directions for use:
is the ORIGINAL towel scent that has specially formulated scents that are safe for the skin and will not stain fabric. They are highly concentrated and you simply mix approximately 1 oz of our fragrance with approximately three gallons of warm water and soak towels briefly. You may also add our scent to the rinse cycle of your washing machine. Fold damp towels neatly and place in a chilled cooler or heated appliance......whichever you prefer.

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