Red Mango

A tropical blend of Mangos, Melon and Oranges with intriguing notes of Peaches. Contains Orange, Grapefruit, and Tangerine essential oils.



Eucalyptus Mint

The fragrance opens with an invig-orating spearmint character combined with a eucalyptus leaf accord. These fresh, clean notes are enhanced by a bergamot & citrus blossom melange. The fresh character of the fragrance is supported by a base of dark amber, white cedarwood & a sophisticated musk.



Citrus Cooler

This is primarily a blend of pink grapefruit, white grapefruit rind, green vine accords in the top note and the main theme. These notes are intermingled with accords of pink freesia, and passion fruit. The fragrance dries down to a sweet sandalwood and musk accord.

How To Use:

Because each situation is different (cooler size, amount of water used, desired strength of fragrance etc.) we suggest the following:

  1. Fill a cooler with warm tap water (fragrance mixes better in warm water)

  2. Add your favorite HOY’S Towel Scent until desired strength of fragrance is reached (remember fragrances are concentrated and go a long way). Recommended is one oz of Towel Scent mixed with 2-3 gallons of warm water

  3. Add towels to scented water and allow to soak for 10-15 minutes

  4. Wring scented towels, roll them up and store in cooler, refrigerator, or warming device OR, for convenience, you may add the towel scent to the rinse cycle of your washing machine.

Now your guest services staff can offer the scented towels to players and members. This is a great refresher at the beginning of the second nine, or as an after-round cool down.