Golf Resorts/Courses

When it comes to owning high-end golf resorts and golf courses, your members will expect a much more pleasant experience than at a run-of-the-mill golf course. It’s the owner’s duty to provide the amenities and resources your club members can look forward to enjoying. For this reason, Hoy’s Towel Scent makes a perfect addition to upgrading your golf resort experience. Simply soak your towels in Citrus Cooler, Red Mango, or Eucalyptus Mint, and your guests will love cooling off with the feeling of a luxurious towel or rag. Whether you keep your towels cold or hot, our solution will provide a wonderful aroma without being overbearing. Additionally, these towels are great for your club members and players to freshen up before or after their game. Treat your players by giving them a new amenity to look forward to with Hoy’s Towel Scent.



As many know, warm towels are incredibly common in the spa setting but after years of use and moisture, they can build a somewhat unpleasant smell that might take away from your customer's experience! Invest in the quality of your spa service by utilizing Hoy’s Towel Scent in your daily practice so that your guests can achieve a new level of relaxation when towels are used. Scented towels are a game-changer, your guests will look forward to a nice steam towel scented with Citrus Cooler, Red Mango, or Eucalyptus Mint! Keep your spa experience magical by adding one more amenity your guests can be excited for. When you use a normal warm towel you are only appealing to a single sense but when you soak said towels in Hoy’s Towel Scent, your guests will not only enjoy the feeling of a warm towel but the soothing aroma that comes with it.


Gyms/Fitness Centers

Enhancing the experience of your gym/fitness center members should be the goal of any owner looking to achieve success within their establishment. One of the best ways that you can treat your beloved guests is by providing them with a one-of-a-kind amenity that they won’t find at any other gym. That amenity is soothing scented towels. Using our scented towel solution will boost the comfort and relaxation your guests get out of using your gym’s towels. This solution will have your guests wanting to come back to use your towels! We offer a variety of scents including citrus cooler, red mango, and eucalyptus mint in a 16oz and gallon size. Upgrading your gym experience is as easy as offering your members this added luxury to their everyday routine. Nearly 200 gyms around the world enjoy using Hoy’s Towel Scent and have seen great results from their use!



Towels are essential in the barbershop space, hundreds of towels are used daily by barbershops all over the world. If these towels meet your customer so often why not find a way to make their experience with the towel better than any other barbershop? When you soak your towels in Hoy’s Towel Scent your customers will enjoy a wonderful scent that will not only relax your customer but make it more likely that they’ll utilize your services in the future. Scented towels are a luxury amenity that many barbershops overlook. When a customer notices that your towels are scented, they’ll know the amount of effort you put in place to elevate their time in the chair. Hoy’s Towel Scent comes in three different scents: Citrus Cooler, Red Mango, and Eucalyptus Mint. Subject your customers to a wonderful experience that they deserve with Hoy’s Towel Scent.


Dental Offices

Going to the dentist isn’t exactly the highlight of everyone’s day so it’s important you do everything you can to make their experience something they can look forward to. In the dental environment, little things add up so when you soak your towels in Hoy’s Towel Scent to give them a wonderful and luxurious smell, your patients will be happy they came. Additionally, kids will feel comforted by a towel soaked in a nice scent making them easier to work on and a better experience overall. Whether you soak your towels to smell like Citrus Cooler, Red Mango, or Eucalyptus Mint, your patients will enjoy every second that they spend with that towel which will largely affect their quality of time at your practice. Check out our different scents offered in sample size, 16oz, and gallon. Our solution helps you create a better experience for your guests!


Contractors and Laborers

Labor-intensive jobs make your body produce incredible amounts of sweat, especially when working under the sun. Many contractors and laborers carry a towel or rag with them to stay cool and wipe off sweat throughout the day; however after many uses, these towels and rags can develop a distinct odor that can be incredibly unpleasant. This is where our towel scent comes in. Hoy’s Towel Scent is the perfect solution to restoring a nice and pleasant scent in your towel or rag so that you can enjoy a bit of peace while you’re working. Simply soak your towel in the diluted solution for 10-15 minutes then place the towel in a cooler or refrigerator and you’ll have a nicely scented towel that will keep you cool throughout your most challenging work days. Choose from our variety of scents and find your favorite!